USTA League Tennis

Captain Resources

General Responsibilities

  1. Attend the Captains Meetings.
  2. Ensure all players have an NTRP rating, a current USTA membership, and are registered in TennisLink before they play their first match.
  3. Make sure that you have enough players on your roster to field full teams for all of your matches and that your players are committed to playing on the team. (No refunds available for lack of play)
  4. Communicate with your players regarding: match availability, accurate rule interpretations, scheduled matches, court fees, who brings balls, and team practices.
  5. Set lineups for each match.  Captains should try to play each player at least twice per league season.
  6. Make sure match courts are properly reserved (and paid for, if required). 
  7. Communicate with the opposing captain beforehand to confirm match information
  8. Print a blank scorecard for each match number, fill in your line-up and exchange it with the opposing captain before the start of each match. Any known line default(s) must be communicated to the opposing captain prior to the exchange of the line-ups.
  9. Report, confirm, or dispute scores in TennisLink within 48 hrs after the match.
  10. Ensure that all matches are played in accordance with league regulations.

If there is any doubt of a match time, scheduling question or a rule interpretation, please contact us.

New Players

Throughout the year, players contact us in hopes of finding a league team. When we get an inquiry, we will reach out to our captains with contact info for these new players. If you need a player, we urge you to reach out to these new players and invite them to a practice. New players often bring new energy to the team, and having more players (and teams) ultimately helps the league.  You never know – one of these players may be your next star!

Courts in LA

The LA league area uses several private tennis clubs and public facilities to host league play. Each facility has different procedures to reserve courts for practices and for league matches.


Here is a list of some of these facilities:

Courts in LA

Use these links to check details on various tennis facilities: