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Virtual Summer Camp Reveals the Science of Tennis

Science of Sport has combined classroom studies with some of the most popular sporting activities in the world, all within a virtual summer camp aimed at developing the young minds of young athletes. USTA Southern California is pleased to be part of the upcoming “Science of Tennis” session, beginning Monday, July 27.

The Science of Sport Virtual Summer Camp provides engaging sports curriculum based on STEM –  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Blending online studies with hands-on experience, students learn the cerebral side of their favorite sports, from baseball and football to golf and soccer. The tennis curriculum focuses on such topics as Newton’s Law of Motion, aerodynamics, court dimensions and geometry, nutrition and hydration, and much more.

“Knowing the impact our camps have on kids in the communities we serve, it was important for all of us to find a way to move forward despite the (COVID-19) challenges,” said Daren Heaton, Executive Director at Science of Sport. “Once we decided to move our camps online, we needed to take our in-person model and transform it into something that campers could consume digitally… While we knew that we wouldn’t be able to replicate experiences exactly—the athletic activities, for example, would be harder without someone coaching and encouraging campers—facilitating camp online has opened the door to new types of engagement not otherwise possible.”

One of the most powerful strengths of the program is its appeal to students who may be under-performing in the classroom. By applying common STEM-based perspectives to a child’s enthusiasm for athletics, their appreciation for everyday math and sciences increases.

“Our goal remains the same,” Heaton said, “to bring STEM to life through sports examples in hopes that we can help students academically and athletically. Thankfully we are able to collaborate together with USTA SoCal to be able to provide an enhanced experience for those that participate.”

Among the special components of the Science of Tennis programming will be video mini-clinics led by ATP pro Marcos Giron, a former NCAA singles champion at UCLA and current touring professional. Giron, from Thousand Oaks, Calif., discusses court movement, hand-eye coordination, serving, and more.

The program has also worked locally with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels, and L.A. Galaxy in developing curriculum for baseball and soccer.

Registration for the tennis session of Science of Sport is now open. Be sure to use promo code USTASOCAL2020 at checkout!